8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. EST

Prognosis was born long before it first aired years ago on SH Rock, now reborn as RavenRadio. The name came into existence when trying to get XM/Sirius to add a Progressive Rock Channel. Since they did not…. I created the show playing the music I love. With the urging of Station Co GM Jordan I launched Prognosis over a hundred weeks ago and the very first song played was Rush – Subdivisions. Prognosis has evolved over the course of weeks tweaking the format and length to be what it is today…still evolving but always playing what is good … what is new and what is classic. I am proud of the show and so blown away by all the bands that have been played on the show large or small all have a home here….and for those starting out I find nothing greater than being that pebble on the lake sending out ripples in the hopes that their audience will grow and their music will be heard as it deserves to be.

In the world outside of Prognosis I am an EMS on an ambulance overnights and a proud father of a 10 year old adorable Pooh Boy and a 2 year old Prog Dog. Music to me is as vital as the air I breathe!

Prognosis -The best in music from yesterday, today and tomorrow!