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My name is Lisa, but I'm also known as DJ Tainted. I live in Muskegon Michigan, a very short distance from Lake Michigan. I'm 18 with 31 years experience and I'm a mother to four beautiful children. Music was the very first love in my life and I distinctly remember that Air Supply was my favorite band when I was young...that is until I heard the band KISS (I know as different as night is to day). My life changed at that point and now I'm a lover of all things Rock and Metal, although I do also like and appreciate other genre's of music too. If I had to actually pick a favorite genre, it would have to be thrash metal, but that does not translate to my favorite band, which is without any doubt at all, Def Leppard. They were my very first concert experience and I'll never forget it. Being a DJ is by far the most fun I've ever had in my life and it would be my dream job out in the real world, but I'm not a professional, it's just a very, very serious hobby. I also dabble in web design, which I also love to do. Please feel free to check out my shows and join my group, Tainted's Music Pit, on facebook.

Lisa/DJ Tainted